Top Examples of the Best SaaS Website Designs

Know about the leading instances of top-class SaaS website designs from the leading brands. Design your classic SaaS website with abundant features.
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Are you searching for the best SaaS-based website design ideas? I have got you covered in this post. Here, I will unfold some of the leading SaaS website designs and instances that might be helpful in your website design journey. Get access to the best, feature-rich, and high-performing SaaS website designs that work wonders for your online project.

When you are designing a website, it serves to be the ultimate platform for the entire user experience. In the website design scenario, the business owners are currently SaaS-happy. As per a study report, it was observed that around 78 percent of businesses out there are looking forward to expanding the number of SaaS(Software as a Service) platforms they are using in the coming three years.

Moreover, the number of SaaS-based website design services is also on the rise. For the respective SaaS companies, it is imperative to design websites that help in providing great user experiences while being feature-rich and attractive at the same time. Indeed, if you are looking forward to achieving a beautiful and functional appearance for your website, I can help you with some of the most innovative SaaS website design ideas out there.

Top SaaS Website Design Examples

The ultimate goal of any SaaS website –whatever might be the niche, is to convert the visitors into potential customers. If you are looking forward to achieving the same, it is imperative for you to garner some website design tricks from the famous SaaS website design platforms. Here is my insight into some of the most famous instances of leading SaaS website designs and platforms.

1. Proof

In my opinion, when you wish to deliver a great user experience, it is all about getting personal and comfortable with the users. Proof is the desired SaaS website design platform that allows you to implement the same. The website clearly highlights the manner in which you can boost the overall conversions with social proof badges and real-time personalization of the user experiences.

This is what the respective product range –Pulse & Experiences, are capable of doing. As a matter of fact, Proof’s homepage is known to serve as a live demo for both the products on the website. Moreover, the homepage is also capable of dynamically adapting the greetings to the respective time zone of the users and presents a wide range of CTA variations at the same time.

2. Petal

There is no denying the fact that most banking and finance apps or websites out there are known to appear daunting. There is the presence of abundant sales pitches and multiple choices to choose from. However, Petal, might turn out to be an exception in the given context. Petal is a leading Fintech credit card service provider.

Petal’s website is known to feature a simple & straightforward flow. The website presents its key product –the Petal Card. The key product on the SaaS website design is presented in an attractive manner to serve as the center of attraction.

To enhance the overall visibility and attractiveness of the product, Petal makes use of a refreshing color palette featuring a perfect mix of yellow, teal, and off-white hues with blocks in the overall website design. Moreover, there is also the presence of multiple laid-out tiles with abundant white space to allow the users navigate across the website seamlessly. With this amazing website design, the complex process of credit card application appears like a hassle-free process.

3. Kajabi

I believe that websites that convert higher do not beat around the bush. Such websites are known to state the core value in a highly straightforward and loud manner –just like that of Kajabi.

The homepage is quite long and detailed and unveils a good number of relevant packages and services that the website offers. Inside one good tool, there are several packages that are presented to the users –including analytics software, email marketing software, lead generation software, payment gateways, and so more.

4. Orbiter

Orbiter is a famous Machine Learning (ML) monitoring tool that is aimed at maximizing the overall productivity of the respective product teams.

The amazing website design is known to make use of the advanced soft line illustrations for backing up the core copywriting points. Moreover, the trendy website design is also known to including some old-school typography for delivering a spunky appearance throughout.

5. Streak

Most of the SaaS companies out there tend to feature a poor reputation for not making use of the right isometric illustrations. Still, these illustrations are known to appear attractive –especially when they have some relevant points or designs in them. Moreover, when these illustrations are paired with bold typography and quick animations, it works great for Streak!

The website is known to extend the attractive hues of blues from the illustration into the respective SaaS website design elements including screen blocks, buttons, and icons. This helps them to deliver a unified user experience throughout.

6. HelloSign

In the latest website layout design trends, the presence of split screens is almost everywhere. As a matter of fact, split screens are known to serve as the easiest way of packing more information on the home screen without making it appear too busy.

HelloSign –a leading e-signature service provider, aims at splitting the respective homepage while making use of attractive animations to deliver the main pitch.

With this innovative platform, you can easily drag & drop an important legal document with the help of a few clicks. The platform also allows you to e-sign the documents in a beat. The website makes use of attractive, user-friendly illustrations to break the stigma of “boring legal work.”

7. Lattice

This website is yet another instance of how you can look forward to creating a compelling story around the end users. Lattice is a famous people management platform that aims at using featured testimonials –both from the respective employees & managers, for reiterating the major product differentiators.

If you wish to know more peer opinions, you can head to the vast library of multiple interviews with the leading people management figures. Otherwise, the homepage of the service provider follows a simple, intuitive flow to allow you to join the free community or even request the free demo tour of the product.

8. Appcues

What steps are you taking to convert the visitors? You can start by placing a clear and succinct value proposition within the home page of the website.

You can also consider reinforcing the same within facts, figures, logos, testimonials, and so more.

After this, you can go forward with wrapping up additional explanation of the respective product features. This is the exact manner in which Appcues aims at styling the respective homepage. Particularly, the video testimonials serve to be great conversion features. This is because it commands additional attention while increasing the overall time on page.

9. MemberStack

The homepage at Memberstack is known to feature a bunch of advanced specifications with immense interactivity.

With the help of toggles on the left-hand side of the webpage, you can go forward with changing the overall look of the animation in the right section. This helps in illustrating the benefits of paid memberships and gated content.

The homepage of the website further implements motion. This is achieved by displaying customer testimonials in ticket style and with the help of a trendy 3D model. This allows the website to showcase how much “stack” is included in the Memberstack tool.

10. Catch

Quite similar to Petal, Catch is yet another leading instance of how a complicated finance app can be made simpler. The website features the presence of neutral colors and an overall sleek design that gets reinforced by its crystal clear copy.

The website design helps in explaining the nuts & bolts of the respective products.

The entire website design of Catch is known to reinforce the style of user experience delivered by the respective SaaS-based app. It is straightforward, simple, and attractive. There are multiple design inspirations that you can get from here.

11. Slidebean

Slidebean serves to be an interesting design inspiration for SaaS-based website designs. The company is known to sell presentation templates and pitch decks.

As such, there is no scope of making any compromise on the overall website design. When you glance at the homepage, you will observe that there has been a lot of planning and implementation that took place in its execution.

The home page at Slidebean is known to combine abundant white spaces with beautiful splashes of pink & blue shades for highlighting the major aspects.

Some of the major elements include CTAs (Call to Actions), interactive buttons, and several other important elements for drawing the attention of the users. Just like in a professional presentation, the homepage features abundant white space that allows your eyes to rest. Moreover, I found that the homepage also allowed the brand to refocus on the core value propositions.

11. DueDil

As a website owner, you should know that the average attention span of the users tend to be around 4 seconds. As such, I believe that you are not left with much time to grab the attention of the users upon their first visit to the website.

DueDil is known to follow the straightforward approach when it comes to displaying business within the homepage. The homepage of the website prompts its users to leave the respective emails in exchange for some source of free market intelligence.

With the help of attractive features like social proof, amazing illustrations, bold button microcopy, and demo screens, DueDil aims at showcasing the value as delivered by the brand.

As you visit their website, you would realize that it is a great example of how strong copy is capable of reinforcing the overall visual appeal while building a strong flow for rapid conversions.

11. Play

Are you planning the prelaunch of your brand’s product range?

Then, you should check out the portal of Play! The website follows a dark-colored scheme that is quite unusual for the SaaS-based websites. Moreover, the presence of bold, attractive headline has been pushed to the back.

There is a hero image as well that features the animated mobile-based app prototype. The specialized features are known to showcase the core offering –the mobile design application.

The entire website of Play is known to set your mood for a revolutionary, alien-like experience. Did you think that you can craft interesting designs of the product range using your phone?

However, the presence of compelling UI (User Interface) demos blended with the dedicated video product tour and on-point copy, helps you to reconsider. As such, you might end up hitting the Request Beta Invite Button instantly.

12. Grow

When you are running a B2B SaaS-based startup, you are required to create an interesting appeal –something that is similar to the corporate styles. However, at the same time, you should not lose the unique identity along the way.

In such a case, Grow serves to be a classic example of how you can achieve the same easily.
The website has opted for a darker & muted color palette.

Moreover, the website also went ahead with giving away the SaaS jargon of being funky. It only opted for going all simple as well as descriptive in its slogans. Ultimately, the goal of Grow is to draw the attention of enterprise-level clients who might be interested in advanced BA (Business Analytics).

Some of the advanced features of the website include featured clients, top-notch ratings, testimonials, along with abundant detailed screenshots. All of these cutting-edge features help in reinforcing the concept that Grow serves to be a trustworthy partner that you can lean on.

13. Gemnote

The image of a classic hero-style website might not be able to convert the visitors right away. However, it might indeed pause some of the casual skimmers and allow them to pay attention to the offerings of the particular website.

Gemnote aims at comprehensively using its hero image when it comes to the illustration of customized corporate merchandize that can be easily ordered with the help of a few clicks.

The website also makes use of an intelligent conversion trick that allows you to make use of the ghost button for obtaining more clicks and delivering improved offers.

14. Draftbit

The brand is known to make use of the long homepage style for unveiling all its advanced features in a fun, yet interactive manner. The website design makes use of interactive snippets, screenshots, product mockups, and so more.

The website aims at showing –rather than telling -of how you can look forward to visually building native mobile-based apps on the respective platform.

15. Loom

Loom is a leading video chatting tool. It believes in the fact that words are fine, but videos are better! The online video chatting tool makes use of the given concept across the website design with the utilization of advanced features like animations, minimalistic product mockups, GIFs during video conferencing, and so more.

Because of the presence of abundant advanced, interactive features, the homepage at Loom appears heavy on the overall value while selling out the idea that you should make use of videos for ensuring corporate communications.

15. Fast

SaaS companies are known to keep reinventing themselves while becoming more fun, quirky, and elaborate than the respective competitors. However, Fast does not aim at following this rule for SaaS website design.

On the other hand, its entire concept of user experience is set out in a straightforward manner –offering a fast e-commerce solution. There is the absence of any additional speedy, gimmick, or meteoric features. The website aims at providing a simple, straightforward, and instant checkout as well as login experience for the respective e-stores.

The overall website design at Fast reinforces the idea of the presence of a simple and honest offering for implementing a single job.

15. PartnerStack

PartnerStack is yet another instance of how simple SaaS-based web design tricks –including asymmetry, could help in creating a fulfilling browsing experience for the end users.

The team at PartnerStack aims at explaining the package inside the mega platform within the homepage of the website. For the purpose of saving virtual space and avoiding the need to scroll continuously, PartnerStack is known to pack some relevant product information within the custom multi-tab box.


If you are ready to build your SaaS website, take inspiration from the leading website designs based on SaaS. Design your custom homepage with advanced SaaS features and design inspirations from the leading, high-converting brands.

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