What You Need To Know About UX Auditing And Common UX Mistakes To Avoid

Learn how UX audit can help you avoid common UX mistakes and improve your SaaS product’s user experience.
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One of the most effective ways of finding out if the user experience (UX) aspect of your project has issues is to carry out a UX audit.

You have to ensure that you have a quality UX or you risk losing clients and users to competition as they look for better solutions. A UX audit will help you to uncover any problems that may negatively affect the overall presentation of your website, application, or dashboard.

Conducting an extensive UX audit may reveal the most common UX mistakes that make you end up with a poor UX.

You can notice several errors that would have been avoided if you take a look at any bad UX website.

UX audit can help you to improve your SaaS product and user experience. Image source/ UX Studio screengrab

Designers will be able to enhance the UX by detecting these mistakes early enough. This will boost customer satisfaction and sales among other key metrics.

So what is UX audit? How would you define good and poor user experience? This UX auditing guide will provide the answers to these questions so that you know some common mistakes to avoid.

Defining UX Audit

What does UX audit mean and is it necessary? UX audit enables you to detect issues and flaws in your SaaS product’s design. During the audit, UX auditors will do an analysis of:

  • Needs of the user
  • Objectives of the business
  • Conversion metrics
  • Feedback from customers
  • Sales data

Every detail of the software will be looked at thoroughly. Auditors will investigate the motivation behind the design and deeper examination of the current data and metrics. The audit will attempt to see what’s working and what’s not. It also helps determine if there’s a need to look at different metrics.

The purpose of a UX audit isn’t to automatically right the wrongs. Instead, it gives you recommendations based on comprehensive research. Basically, a UX audit is key to determining if the interface translates to a poor UX.

What do I mean by poor UX? You won’t understand common UX issues without first knowing what a good UX entails.

What Makes A Good UX Design?

What makes a good UX design? Image source/ New Breed+

You can improve your software quality through a UX audit. However, following UX design best practices helps you avoid committing some common UX mistakes. UX design best practices are what make a good UX design.

This means starting with research into UX. You can only devise an effective project framework if you research and analyze user needs and business objectives first. A good high-quality UX ensures that the features and information meet the users’ needs. A good UX should have the following:

  • Simple layout and interface
  • An appealing design
  • Easy access to information that is relevant to users.

A UX audit explores these elements. For instance, a usability test can be done during the audit to determine if the navigational structure is simple.

Common UX Mistakes

Avoiding common UX mistakes will help you improve your user experience. Image source/ emagine

You will be able to improve your UX design if you understand the most common UX mistakes and explore examples of websites with bad UX. Which software have you interacted with before and disliked? How many did you stop using because they were frustrating? Now you see why a UX audit is important. You will be able to detect these mistakes and correct them before they cost you customers.

Some of the most common UX mistakes include:

  • Making business objectives your priority
  • Overuse of innovative features
  • An unresponsive design
  • Cluttered page elements
  • Complex navigation

A) Making business objectives your priority

The business will always have different needs from those of customers. Prioritizing business objectives over customer needs leads to poor UX. You will overlook details and add features that only serve your purpose. In a SaaS business, it is important for the primary focus to be on the customer’s needs. Most UX designers’ major weakness is becoming strongly attached to the projects and implementing elements that don’t serve the end-user.

A) Overuse of innovative features

Innovation is both a blessing and a curse in UX design depending on how it is implemented. Any innovation should add value to the project and make the software easier to use. Too many innovative features will confuse users and ruin their experience. The overuse of innovative features reduces clarity.

A) An unresponsive design

The world is moving towards mobile devices. As of January 2020, 4.18 billion of the 4.54 billion internet users worldwide were on mobile devices. Your customers want to be able to access your software even on the move. That’s why a quality UX design will take into consideration your customers’ devices. Having a responsive design where layouts and elements adjust to the screen size helps in creating an interface that works across multiple devices.

A) Cluttered page elements

Your page doesn’t need too many elements. Cluttered pages with supplementary information or adverts limit the customer experience. Each dashboard screen, page, or menu should focus on a single thing. Users will navigate to other pages if they need additional information.

A) Complex navigation

If you look at most examples of websites with poor UX, you will notice that they often have complex navigation. Users just need a simple navigational structure. Everything should be simple and easily accessible. You don’t want to take away user experience with complex multiple sub-menus.

These mistakes can be costly as they affect customer satisfaction. A UX audit will help you determine if you are committing any of these mistakes when designing your interface.

UX Auditing Parting Shot

  • The goal of a UX audit is to improve user experience by uncovering issues in your software design.
  • Good user experience is concerned with offering simple and clear layout, features, and information that are relevant to users. User needs supersede the objectives of the business.
  • You will have a poor UX when you don’t meet your users’ needs. Cluttered elements, poor loading time, and complex navigation contribute to poor UX.

Learn from the mistakes of other SaaS firms with poor UX and avoid committing the same. A UX audit will help you to fine-tune your products and always find room to make the user experience better.

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