Instant messaging tool with just one click

How I helped QuickChat with my research-driven process to design their Web App and Website from scratch and to be unique.
UX, Design & Development
6 Weeks

Sales should be simpler.
One click, zero friction.

QuickChat leaves no time for prospects to check out other competitors. It’s quick, efficient and it only takes one click — not to mention, it works seamlessly with your other sales tools, with virtually no onboarding required.No bots. Nothing to download.

Creating a refreshing online presence in a dull market and improve the usability


User values & brand values, a perfect match

Essential to each project is to ensure the user and brand match up perfectly. My research process is a proven method to collaborate with the client towards that goal. Together we created several moodboards and styleboard to confirm style direction for both parties.

Bright colors and minimal typeface

Freshening up the color palette was the main key to provide a unique and modern look feel. The typeface is very modern and friendly.

Neatly organized library of components

It’s very important to setup an extensive library of components that can be reused across web application, landing page and marketing purposes. The design system allows for rapid iteration and exploration.

Minimal, clean and visual story telling graphics

Using visual graphics is extremly helpful to detail your product features. Instead of reading long paragraphs, the visitors will understand easier.

Great user experience on all devices

After wireframing part and validation of user persona, the product moves to user interface stage. Also, the design system gives you the freedom to have a fully responsive implemention, faster and cost effective.

Website Development

Having the project up, live running, is very exciting. I developed the fully responsive website in Webflow and can be seen here on QuickChat.

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