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Creative Design is NOT My JOB. This is My Passion
Identify the potential market and estimate its growth. Learning about the industry and knowing the competition.

Also, identifying user persona - The people who need or want the product, who would pay for it and spread the wourd about it
MindMap / Sitemap
Entity Diagram
Competitors Analysis
Each company, whether it is startup, small team or a big agency, always pays a lot of attention to their recognizability.

That's why the things like Logo, company color palette and unique style are very important. Brand is always used in business, marketing and advertising.
Brand Identity
Brand Book
Marketing Graphics
User Experience
Focus on what a screen does, not what it looks like.

Wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements, to best accomplish a particular purpose.

Go an extra mile with the wireframes and provide the real feel of the product. Will be easier to do usability tests and also save time in the UI design process.
Clickable Prototyping
User Interface
Designing the final look and feel of the product.

There are many different styles we can go with. You are in B2B or B2C market? Is the target audience young or mature?

How does the color psychology work behind this industry? All these answers will impact the user interface design.
Style Guide
Design Concept
Product Design
Front End Development
It's critical to have the right conversion of your design into front end development.

I can help by implementing your design into a pixel perfect code. There's no point on spending money for a great design if your development looks different.

Also I can give more life to your product by implementing different transitions and animations over existing components.
The most important thing before spending money on development is to create a quick prototype and validate your idea.

Also, you can present the live product prototype to investors to get funding and test or get more exposure.
Marketing Ads Design
Presentations Design
Logo Animation