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Hundreds of festivals, agencies, promoters and contractors trust SimpleCrew as their go-to system to run their field teams...
Web, iOS & Android
UX, Design & Development
17 Weeks

Increasing conversion rate through a better design.

Mike reached out to me to help him drive SimpleCrew conversions through design. I improved the Web (dashboard) and Mobile App user experience.

In the end, the main website was completely redesigned including Wordpress Development too.

"It’s refreshing to work with a designer who just gets it.”

As someone who owns a SaaS business, finding a designer who really understands our strategic business goals is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Excellent communication skills, sharp attention to detail, organized, hits every deadline, dedication to the team and critical thinking.

Creating and repeating patterns everywhere

The best way to go about this was creating and repeating layout patterns and creating templates for similar pages. During this stage, I improved the usability for onboarding process and campaign setup.

Typography and color palette

We used the purple as main color to make it feel more friendly and engaging with our industry. From 2 typefaces that matched the style and the pin location, I landed on IBM Plex Sans for its versatility and approchable yet serious look.

Design system and brand identity guideline

The extensive nature of this new branding and the number of many pages required a systematic approach. Creating and working with reusable and nestable components paved the way for consistency throughout the page designs and all apps.

Minimal, clean and visual story telling graphics

Using visual graphics is extremly helpful to detail your product features. Instead of reading long paragraphs, the visitors will understand easier.

Design language

Having a design consistency for your product across all platforms, is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. SimpleCrew have the same consistency across Website, Web app and Mobile App.

Spectacular on all devices

I always start with the desktop first and go deeper to the smaller viewport. Being responsive is very important and I designed all custom screens and I made sure that they looked perfect during development.

Website Development

Having the project up, live running, is very exciting. I developed the fully responsive website in Webflow and can be seen here on SimpleCrew.

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